MANASO since 1996 has been working as an enabling organization in coordinating all CSOs in HIV/AIDS response. The role of MANASO in the response is hugely to coordinate, build the capacity of network members, share information and advocate for quality HIV services. To achieve the mentioned tasks, MANASO utilizes several opportunities at its disposal. For example, MANASO under the Country Coordinating Mechanism plus project coordinated CSO representatives in the Global Fund funding request and grant making processes. Furthermore, MANASO builds the capacity of community groups through information sharing. For example, the change in ART drugs, MANASO disseminated information to its members to sensitize communities and promote adherence to the new drug. MANASO presents information attained from the grass root level to key decision makers or policymakers in high level stakeholder meetings and in return, MANASO gives feedback from the decision makers to communities. MANASO is the leading advocate on HIV/AIDS and the host of World AIDS Day in Malawi which is commemorated on the 1st December every year.