Champions of Global Reproductive Rights (PAI) granted MANASO an award to implement an advocacy project. The project has been implemented since 2019 up to date.

The goal of the project is to increase disbursement and spending of funds allocated for family planning (FP).


  • To advocate for the disbursement and spending of allocated funds for family planning services and for transparency/ public availability of FP budget data
  • To mobilize government funding for family planning services and supplies

Activities conducted

  • Project inception and review by board
  • Review workshop meetings
  • CSO coalition meeting / workshop
  • Debriefing meetings with CSOs
  • Advocacy engagement
  • Meetings with Govt officials and review workshop


There has been an increase in the allocation (from Mk 79,225,799 in 2016/2017 financial year to MK 136,374,001 in 2018/2019) of funds to the family planning budget despite existing gaps in the allocation.