MANASO implementing a Tuberculosis project focusing on the mining sector. The project is funded by ACHAP and its been running since 2017 excepting 2018, 2019. The project focuses on Improved access to TB care, prevention, treatment and support development of community responses. The objectives of the project are:

  •  Improve access to T.B, Silicosis and HIV services by Key Populations.
  • Support Case detection and diagnosis through community screening and contact tracing.
  • Support the removal of human rights and gender related barrier to T.B Care and Prevention.
  • Support Capacity building, planning and leadership development for key population.

The project is being implemented in Chiradzulu and core activities being implemented include:

  •  Intervention: Conduct TB Screening and Active Case Finding – DIT
  • Intervention: Engaging Care Providers                                                                                  
  • Intervention: Human Rights and Gender Barriers                                             
  • Implement Advocacy & Sensitization Activities

Develop Community Based Programs