The Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organizations. EANNASO has the mandate to support and strengthen civil society and community groups to effectively engage in the development and implementation and oversight of Global Fund supported programs. EANNASO is a host of Africa Regional Platform for Communication and Coordination on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The purpose of the platform is to promote meaningful participation of people who are affected by HIV, TB and Malaria in Anglophone Africa in Global Fund processes by ensuring that grants reflect their needs.The Anglophone Africa Regional platform covers the Southern, Eastern and Western regions of the continent.  EANNASO the Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (MANASO) as the Focal Point Organization to cover Southern Anglophone Region.


  1. Further the meaningful engagement of civil society and community groups through regular bi-directional communication and provision of accurate and accessible information to enhance the knowledge and participation of these actors in Global Fund-related processes.
  2. Improve the overall impact of Global Fund programs and interventions, and disease responses more globally through strengthened engagement of civil society and communities affected by HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.
  3.  Expand access to technical assistance (TA) for civil society and community groups through greater coordination with the CRG Strategic Initiative short-term TA component, as well as key national, regional and global technical assistance partners.
  4.  Support strategic civil society and community capacity development initiatives through fostering spaces for engagement and collective participation in key decision-making processes, in particular as they relate to community, rights and gender.
  5.  Support consultants in carrying out specific assignments related to the Anglophone Africa Platform
  6. To play a facilitative role in implementation of the platform activities

During the implementation of its role as the Focal Point Organization MANASO undertook the following mapping exercise as part of project deliverables

  1. MANASO was added as an administrator of EANNASO Facebook page and entrusted with the responsibility of gathering and sharing Global Fund vital information to various CSOs networks and stakeholders.

MANASO Conducted mapping exercise which of which it was able to establish a database for its CSOs in the Southern Anglophone Region. MANASO in collaboration with EANNASO worked and developed mapping tool, which was shared to countries as a means to collect data.

  1. Mapping exercise
  2. MANASO has mapped out a total of 52 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Community groups (CG) and Technical Assistance (TA) providers working on HIV, TB and Malaria in the Southern Anglophone Region countries encompassing, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini and South Africa.
  3. Worked with Malawi national CSO networks in compile and update the mailing list of civil society organizations and communities working on HIV, TB and Malaria both at sub-regional and regional levels
  4. Gather information on planned activities, events or in country processes related to GFATM application, national reviews and national strategic planning
  5. Gather capacity development tools being utilised from the region that can be repackaged and disseminated
  1. Civil Society coordination and engagement: MANASO organized meetings with Civil Society Representatives where CSOs have been capacitated on the architecture of GF and the role of CSOs.
  2. MANASO has been facilitating engagement meeting between CSOs constituencies and GF country team.
  3. MANASO through EANNASO was also tasked to create demand for CRG TA, this was done through sharing of various CRG TA information through Email and social media platforms.


  1. MANASO has mapped out 52 civil society and community groups directory from the Southern Africa Region.
  2. Development and dissemination (through social media and bi-monthly newsletter) of information packages and capacity development tools. 
  3. MANASO was part of the editorial Board responsible for the development of Anglophone Africa Newsletters
  4. Development of national Global Fund-related country processes calendar of events and identification of opportunities for engagement like national dialogues and GF country team engagement with CSOs.
  5. Identification and provision of Technical Support Needs by civil society and community groups
  6. Participate in the Technical support Provider quarterly teleconferences where technical support needs and issues can be shared.
  7. Support in creating demand and filling in GFATMCRG Technical Assistance
  8. Supported consultants in carrying out specific assignments related to the Anglophone Africa Platform
  9. Linking civil society and community groups to Technical support providers,
  10. Development and documentation of successful case studies of TA

Support in updating the CRG website .