Maluwa Health facility around Mitundu in Lilongwe enjoying cordial relationship with its community

Maluwa Health facility is under Mitundu Rural Hospital within the Lilongwe District Health Office and is located about 16 kilometers Southeast of Mitundu Trading Centre. The facility is benefiting from the local works of a Community Scorecard Committee (CSC) spearheaded by Pamodzi Project with support from #USAIDMalawi. The CSC is providing community based oversight bridging the knowledge gap that existed between the facility management and the community. Initially, before the commencement of the CSC in 2021 problems faced by the facility remained as such until government support came, but now the community owns the challenges together with facility management and handle them. In the picture, we see a falling toilet on the left while on the right we see a substitute toilet erected by the community without any government aid.