COVID-19 Response
MANASO is working with National AIDS Commission (NAC) in the COVID-19 response. MANASO as a network has a comparative advantage in influencing change since it is already present in communities through network members who act as agents of change.

MANASO is implementing FP Budget Accountability and Transparency Project funded by PAI whose overall objective is to increase access to health and FP expenditure data to support FP Budget Advocacy

COVID-19 Orientations with Community leaders in Zomba
Global Fund through Action Aid is providing financial support to MANASO, MANET+, MIAA and MBCA. The financial support is being utilized in engaging community structures so as to enhance adherence to prevention measures of COVID-19.
Tuberculosis In the Mining Sector
MANASO implementing a Tuberculosis project focusing on the mining sector. The project is funded by ACHAP and its been running since 2017 excepting 2018, 2019.
HIV and Sexually Transmitted infections
The 2018 Spectrum indicates that Malawi continues to make progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS,
Coordination and Networking
Malawi network of AIDS Service organization coordinates all CSOs in the response.
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About us

Since 1996, MANASO is the leading membership organization playing a unique role as an enabling agent to facilitate Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to collectively and accountably work together to advance the fight against HIV and AIDS in Malawi. MANASO is registered under the laws of Malawi and complies with statutory requirements by registering and restoring annually with NGO Board and CONGOMA

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MANASO ultimately aspires to achieve a Malawian society free of HIV and AIDS, and therefore the many associated issues such as, but not limited to: stigma, discrimination, and gender inequality.


MANASO since 1996 has been working as an enabling organization in coordinating all CSOs in HIV/AIDS response


MANASO advocates for improved family planning services in line with the FP 2020 commitments concept which states “No parenthood before adulthood”


Malawi is a high burden TB country, which is driven primarily by HIV infection. Malawi has registered significant progress in the prevention


Malaria is endemic throughout Malawi and continues to be a major public health problem with an estimated 6 million cases occurring annually.


MANASO is working with National AIDS Commission (NAC) in the COVID-19 response. 

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MANASO Network members are the primary mechanism for the engagement of community and civil society in Malawi’s HIV and health sector at national district and sub district levels. MANASO works to improve the health status of Malawians, with special focus to developing and supporting community systems that aim to reduce of new HIV infections, increasing access to ART and supporting treatment adherence for people on HIV treatment.

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